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B.J. Miller is an extraordinarily gifted blues singer, piano, trombone player and songwriter. She has electrified audiences across the United States, Canada, France, Spain, and Japan and performed with many great artists, including Koko Taylor, B.B. King, Ronnie Laws, Willie Clayton, Fred Wesley, Theodis Ealey, Marvin Cease, Roy Ayers, and Sir Charles Jones. Her bluesy, jazzy, and soul influenced piano playing make for a smoldering hot blues mix and her voice will pierce your soul.

B.J. Miller was born in Kansas City, Missouri, into a musically talented family. Both her parents were performers and her mother Bettye Miller was known in Kansas City as the Queen of Jazz. B.J. started her first band as a teenager and then went on to study at the University of Missouri-KC Conservatory of Music. In her early twenties she was already making her presence known in the music world and shared the bill with Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal became a friend and blues educator at this early stage of her career. B.B. King was also one of B.J.’s mentors and took her under his wing, inviting the young B.J. to his house in Las Vagas and giving her blues lessons she will never forget!

In 2000, B.J. decided to make Alabama her home when she moved to live there with her Alabama born musician husband. She moved from the big city - Kansas City - to the heart of the Alabama Black Belt and deeply immersed herself in Alabama blues, playing festivals and clubs and collaborating with area musicians. B.J. has recorded and co-produced many recording projects, including her CD “Where’s My Bra” the hit “Girlfriend” and a gospel masterpiece, “Holy Spirit”.



"Miller's versatility on all her instruments including her voice, her seasoned improvisational sense, and her desire to master as wide a range of styles as possible yet remain true to her jazzified blues roots all bode well for the future. The good news is that B.J. Millar is a talent to watch and the better news is that she has already arrived!"
- Living Blues 2004

 "This talented artist is a complete music industry in one. She sings beautifully, she plays
 trombone, like it's never been played before. Keyboards, oh yes, drums and etc. . . . She is a songwriter, engineer and producer . . . B.J.Miller artiste supreme will be singing and tromboning
her way to the pearly gates and beyond! Hallelujah!"
- Kansas City Bluff
"I have had the unique experience of working with this artist in person . . . and have watched
her amazing performances . . . she is one of the most creative keyboardists in the live
performance blues genre."
- Kansas City Star


Everyday I Have The Blues

Down Home Blues